Frequently asked questions

What is the Air Water Generator?

The Air Water Generator (AWG) uses state-of-the-art technology to collect pure water from the air. The AWG provides a sustainable supply of delicious, pure water with optimal energy efficiency.

How does the Air Water Generator works?

O’Soley water generators extract moisture / water from the atmosphere through condensation process. The water then goes through a filtration system and a UV sterilization that produces ultra pure and healthy drinking water.

What temperature and humidity do I need for the water generator to work?

Osoley water generators work with humidity as low as 30%. Optimal water production depends on average temperature and relative humidity. Higher humidity and temperature conditions improve the profitability of pure water production.

Is the water produced by the Osoley water generator safe?

The water is absolutely pure, healthy, clean, and tastes good. The water produced by the O’Soley water generator is 99.9% free of impurities, which means it is free of bacteria, known viruses, air pollution and contamination by metal oxides. The advanced filtering system runs continuously, day and night, maintaining an optimal level of purification. Water is treated with a 12 step filtration process, which includes premium activated carbon filters, as well as the world-renowned PHILIPS UV and FILMTEC innovative membranes. Please refer to our sales representative for the recent report.

What are the benefits of Osoley water generators?

O’Soley is recognized as a leader in the atmospheric water production sector through several notable aspects. These are:

  • The products can operate at 100% with outside air, which is essential for high water production.
  • Advanced filtering technology that ensures a reliable supply of fresh, pure and clean drinking water.
  • Easy to use, just turn it on and press the button to get water.
  • Easy to maintain. Just replace the water and air filters regularly, according the manufacturer’s instructions, and perform occasional cleaning.
  • Uses a high level of filtrations, purifying up to 99,9% of bacteria, known virus, air pollution and metal oxides are removed.

What types of warranties and maintenance will be available for O'Soley generators?

O’Soley has warranties to replace defective parts for up to two years (excluding consumables such as filters).
O’Soley has very few problems with their units because the production models have passed the most rigorous test standards. There may be problems directly related to lack of maintenance, such as intake air filters and dirty water filters that need to be replaced. Units have safety features that will prevent damage from being caused by temperatures above 44 ° C (111 F) or below-freezing temperatures.

Is it expensive to produce water with our Air Water Generators?

Our generators are incredibly efficient. All O’Soley Water Generator models use electricity for the moment. O’Soley offers you alternative solutions in connection with wind and solar energy for a personalized order.Residential models, intended for the home and the office, consume between 200W to 480W maximum.
The power source for collective generators is a three-phase power supply. The unit can be easily integrated into existing power supply system, using 1.6 kW to 25 kW of power depending on production capacity requirements.

Is it difficult to install the O'Soley Air Water Generator?

Our products do not require plumbing or water supply. Connecting the O’Soley water generator to an outlet is enough.

How cold is the water?

Our generator produces cold water between 4°C (39°F) and 10°C (50°F).

Are there any safety features built into the generator?

Osoley Air Water Generators are mounted on lockable wheels, as well as automatic a leak and faults detector.