Model AWG60

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Extract the water contained in the air. Your Air Water Generator provides an exceptional and perfectly pure drinking water, while preserving groundwater and natural reserves.


Dimension (L x P x H)
590mm x 590mm x 1110mm

Weight: 90kg

Water Storage capacity
45 liters

Production : 60 liters / day

Generated at 30°C and 70% Humidity

Electrical consumption
Compressor :
1600W for water production                                500W to heat water

Refrigerant Gaz
R134 – a

The filtration system

The entire water treatment system is unique. These five treatment steps offer five possibilities for positive anti-bacterial results. If one of them fails, three others guarantee the result. It is multi-protection, it meets the water quality criteria imposed by the government and the World Health Organization.

Patented antistatic air filter
Before the air becomes a water droplets through condensation, the air must pass through an antistatic air filter to

prevent dust particles and other allergens from entering the generator.

1 / Pre carbon filter
Eliminates organic compounds, odors, free chlorine, heavy metals, etc.

2 / Post carbon filter
Also eliminates all color, odor, heavy metals, organic compounds and chlorine, while protecting the RO membrane from chlorine and thus prolongs the life of the Reverse Osmosis membrane.

3 / Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Removes mainly micro-impurities, colloids, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria and other harmful substances.

4 / TCR filter
Mainly provides minerals beneficial to the human body health, raises the pH to a slightly alkaline pH, improves the taste.

5/ UV
To prevent any bacterial growth, the Air Water Generator contains 3 UV lamps.
One UV lamp in each tank and one UV lamp in line before the water tap.