Water from Air: providing
a drinking pure water solution

Your air water generator collects the water contained in the air to make an exceptionally pure and unlimited drinking water.

The water life cycle

Everywhere water is around, our Air Water Generator reproduces the natural cycle of water.

Every drop of water on the planet (rivers, lakes, springs, seas, tap water, bottle water etc.) comes from the evaporation, an endless cycle, the continuous water journey.
The ocean-heated waters of the oceans, rivers, lakes, etc., rise into the atmosphere by evaporation, liquefying in the clouds and falling back to earth in the form of rain or snow.
Soils polluted by man prevent us from consuming it in its natural state.
This revolutionary, innovative and ecological process produces PURE DRINKING WATER.

There is permanently 6 500 km3  of drinking water in the atmosphere. Nature maintains this volume constantly regardless of human activity.

Water in the world



Contaminated water.

Terrestrial contamination.

Marine contamination.


Blue Planet


Drinkable water : 0,02%

Soft water : 2,7%

Salt water: 97,1%

Groundwater is being pumped out faster than it can be recharged

Water Quality


Outdated treatment facilities and pipes.

More and more regions are banning the use of tap water.

The only solution: buy bottled watter.

O’Soley’s solution

Today, with the O’Soley Air Water Generator , you have access to pure and healthy water at your home or office.

The generator doesn’t need any plumbing, a simple electrical outlet is enough to create water.

Our Air Water Generator reproduces the natural hydrological cycle.

12 years of research and development have resulted in a very reliable and highly productive product.



The Air Water Generator calculates the exact dew point to extract, through condensation, the water from the air.

Depending on the outdoor temperature and humidity, the ambient warm air comes into contact with the cold air created by the compressor, and the water in the air condenses.

The entire water treatment system is unique. These five treatment steps offer five possibilities for positive anti-bacterial results. If one of them fails, four others guarantee the result. It is multi-protection, it meets the water quality criteria imposed by the governments and the World Health Organization.

The average humidity in the West Indies is 80%, this allows our Air Water Generator to produce an average of 24 to 30 liters of pure water per day.



O’SOLEY water is pure and healthy.
O’SOLEY water is suitable for the whole family.
No more microparticles of plastic in your drinking water.



You no longer need to buy water bottles with O’SOLEY Air Water Generator.



You no longer have plastic bottle waste.
You no longer have to use your car to buy water.
Reduced your carbon footprint.

You are acting to protect your environment.


You no longer have to carry water.
You no longer have to manage your water supply.


You are your own water producer.